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New lambs due in May
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Sally, Dave and Jet - March 2019
“Just had a wonderful 3 night stay at Bern and Nic's place. The cottage was everything hoped and more....clean, cosy, welcoming and full of everything we needed. (more),,,, "
Steph - December 2018
“ Loved every minute of it!! First time clamping, thought these huts were awesome and so cosy with the log fire. Loved thors cave, the hikes are awesome too.  ” 

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Ouessant Sheep
Our Latest Additions
Here at Lowes Farm we have our own little flock of Ouessant sheep. 
These delightful rare breed sheep are the smallest in the world, on average growing to only 17" tall when they are fully grown! 
They are remarkably hardy little creatures, originating from an island off the coast of France, battered by gales and swept by rain. There are probably only a couple of thousand of them in the British Isles. 
Ouessants are people friendly, very curious, intelligent and have wonderful temperaments. Things rarely go wrong with them and they make wonderful pets (and lawnmowers!). Plus... they are extremely cute! 
This year we've sent 4 of our ewes to the rams.  It looks like they're all expecting and we should have a little cluster of new lambs by the end of May.
Introducing our 1st baby last year :  Nancy !!
More Lamb Pics !
Here are a few pictures of Noah (a little caramel ram lamb) born  on 1st May, together with his mum, Ede.  
And here's the 1st picture of Nellie, a little girl born on 3rd May 2018, with her mum, Pippi (about 10 minutes after she was born).  More pictures soon.  Just waiting for Tallulah to give birth
All these pictures are of last years lambs.  This year we sent 4 of our ewes to the rams and we are expecting to see the baby lambs around the second week of May.

The girls we sent to the rams are :

Ede (caramel), Tallulah (caramel), Pansy (white) and Lucy (black)

Hopefully we should get a mix of caramel and white lambs but watch this space for more news.
You can see more pictures of these lovely animals on our Lowes Farm facebook page.  For more information on the breed, have a look at the Ouessant Sheep Society's web site.
This is our boy Mungo 

As you can see he's not a miniature Ouessant sheep !

Mungo is a Valais Black Nose lamb who came to us as a 3 week old orphan (and you can see he's grown some since then.

The Valais is a swiss sheep renowned for being sweet natured, very friendly and  docile
Ouessants for Sale
All our 2018 babies have been sold and gone to great homes !
The plan is to send 6 of our girls to the rams this year, so we're hoping for a mixture of black white and caramel lambs around the end of April next year.  Fingers crossed!